The Big Picture

Strategy is vital for organizations like yours that want to thrive and grow in an increasingly disruptive and competitive world. Alertise helps your organization develop a better understanding of its markets and the disruptors of its markets, verifying its assumptions against internal and external strategic information and data.

Alertise translates your organization's strategy into measurable strategic actions and enables it to collaborate to work on strategy efficiently.

The Problem That Needed To Be Solved

Most organizations use strategic planning to decide what to do and how to do it. But the problem is strategic planning is a planning-driven system that’s a lot of work, which means it can’t cope with complexity and the pace of change today. Which is why strategic planning has degenerated – from an industrial-era process that produced detailed strategic plans, to an uninformed process that produces strategic plans on one-page in the case of many organizations today.

We believe strategy is important. We believe strategy is the key to growing your business in a profitable way. So we developed a system for strategy that is suitable for the complex, fast-changing world we work and live in today.

Strategy In The Digital Age

Alertise is a cloud hosted system for strategy that uses the power and interconnectivity of web-based technologies to provide access to information and to enable organizations to collaborate.

It provides organizations with a continuous stream of strategic information and data. Enabling them to make informed and timely strategic decisions.

Alertise is also a collaboration tool for sharing information so organizations can action strategy using agile and continuous improvement techniques.

Alertise's Key Features

Capture and Display Strategic Information and Data

Alertise captures and displays strategic information and data from your internal databases and from a huge range of external sources including the Federal Reserve Economic Research, the Office for National Statistics and the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It displays data using interactive time-series charts, which enables organizations to identify and consider the impact of strategic events, and short, medium and long-term strategic trends.

The information is used to support strategic thinking, enabling organizations to make informed and timely strategic decisions.

Encourage Continuous Improvement

Alertise displays Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all areas and all levels of organizations in time-series charts. Enabling organizations to measure performance, delegate responsibility, and to encourage continuous improvement over time.

Collaborate in an Agile Way

Alertise uses the power and interconnectivity of web-based technologies to enable your organization to collaborate to decide and action strategy. Its intuitive software facilitates file sharing, messaging and a comprehensive set of agile project management tools.

Produce Higher Quality Reports and Forecasts

The richness of the information and data stored and displayed in Alertise enables organizations to efficiently produce higher quality annual, quarterly, monthly and ad hoc Strategic Reports, as well as more accurate budgets and quarterly, monthly and ad-hoc forecasts. The reports and forecasts provide visibility of an organization’s strategic environment and of the performance of the organization itself.

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