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Strategic Management

Strategic Management is a continuous system for strategy.

John Argenti is an expert on Strategic Planning. He wrote ten books on the subject over a period of 20 years and developed the Argenti System of Strategic Planning that has been used by thousands of organizations globally over a period of five decades. John foresaw that as the pace of change increased, organizations would need to advance from using Strategic Planning to using Strategic Management. In his book ‘Practical Corporate Planning’ (1989), John wrote:

"The monitoring phase is something else as well. It is not just the final stepping stone in the corporate planning process, it is also the first in the next stage to ‘strategic management’ where a team of executives continually act as corporate planners for their organization, constantly scanning the environment for new trends and events, continually thinking about the long-term future direction for their organization.”

Alertise is a strategic management system that helps your organization scan its environment and itself for new trends and events, make strategic decisions when they should be made, and action its strategy using agile and continuous improvement techniques.

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